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Year 3
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Our Class Reader:

 Booom! is a wonderfully funny and exciting tale set in the stone age.

Iggy is one of the Urks. He lives in the Valley of the Urks with the rest of the tribe. His uncle, Hammerhead, is the tribe’s chief. When Old Grumbly begins to spew out smoke and make the earth shake, the tribe decide that someone must climb to the top of the mountain and speak to the ancestors. That someone, of course, must be the chief and he decides that his nephew Iggy should go with him.

Meanwhile there are some vindictive Urks plotting against Hammerhead. Borg and his mean son Snark travel to the Nonecks territory to strike a bargain with them. Their aim is to usurp Hammerhead and rule the tribe. But negotiating with the Nonecks is not an easy business.

There is both great characterisation and plot in this novel. Iggy’s character is smart, he is a thinker and unlike the other Urks, he questions the world around him. In this story he wants to know why some things float and why some things sink. He’s a problem solver and the perfect Urk to figure out what is going on with Old Grumbly