Year 6
Welcome to Year 6

 This term our year 6 topic is ‘the Seven Seas’. To launch us straight into learning, we took part in 3 topic days which focused on different aspects of life/ adventures at sea. Read below to discover the voyages we took part in during our first week back at Talavera!

Titanic Day

Travelling back in time 105 years, year 6 sailed into their new topic Seven Seas. The children experienced the strict class system first hand when they boarded their ship as they were given a character for the day who had access to particular areas of the ship and varying luxuries. They then opened an old suitcase which was bursting with artefacts from the ship and explored how they might have survived such a tragic event in history before finally reassuring themselves that changes have been made to boat building and safety procedures on board water transport today. With all their new knowledge and skills, they are now ready to voyage further into this half terms topic.

Pirate Day

After receiving a letter from Ancestry UK, we looked back at the life of Mary Broad who was convicted of smuggling on the Cornish Coast in the 1800s. Initially, the crime that she had committed was kept top secret yet, by using our powerful detective skills, we were able to detect the nature of the crime! Through documentation, we discovered that she had been exiled to Australia and therefore used clues and maps to discover more about her life ‘down under’. Before pirate day, we did not realise that pirates still exist today and that they are incredibly hard to stop. In order to detect where pirate activity may be happening in today’s waters, we were recruited as navy crew members and were ordered to operate the navigation system. With the map reading skills we have required, we are now ready to navigate our way through this half term’s topic!

Survival Day

On our Survival day, we found out that we were going to the temperate climate of New Zealand. What an exciting start to Year 6 that was! We had to carefully choose our luggage, ensuring that it would be appropriate for the activities and weather. Unfortunately, there was some severe turbulence and our plane became stranded in the middle of an ocean. We didn’t recognise where we had landed but used the atlases to uncover clues. We looked at the environment, weather, climate and natural features, along with our knowledge of the Tropics and Equator to deduce that we had landed in Central America. After learning about this equatorial climate, we were given challenge cards which we had to complete in order to survive. Some of our luggage was useful but other items were not. We also used natural resources to ensure our survival. With our understanding of how location affects living in place, we are ready to explore further into this term’s topic.