Environmental Enforcement Officers

On Friday the Green Team went into Aldershot with Mrs Beal and Mrs Dunsdon, to meet the local Environmental Enforcement Officers; to find out more about their job and to discover what we can do to help the environment. We also met with Tina who is in charge of keeping the town free from litter - all by herself! She told us that on an average day, she can collect up to 50 bin bags full of rubbish which really shocked and saddened us. 

The Environmental Enforcement Officers talked us through the equipment they use and explained their role in the community. Then we had the chance to ask them questions. After this, they walked with us around town and we were tasked with litter-picking. We were so surprised at how much we found - we could barely walk a step or two without finding some, even though there was quite often a bin a short distance away! We had a great afternoon and learnt so much about what they do. They even gave us some great advice on how we could encourage children to be more tidy at school!