Travel Initiatives

Talavera are once again testing the air quality around the school. Our Eco-Warriors undertook a full lesson to understand the job and then set up in various spaces around the school. 

Once we have the results, the team will discuss how we will endeavor to improve the air quality for all. 

06.11.19 - Today we had Jean from Hampshire's Clean Air project visit us. This is the second time she has been to the school to work with our Eco Warriors, who began an experiment last month to test how clean the air is around our local area.
Using Jean's flow meter, we discovered that the air pollution levels are quite high outside the front and the back of the school, but the experiment we have set up will give us more details. The Eco Warriors have now been tasked with a campaign to get the message across about air pollution and what we can do to lower it - There is a whole school prize to be won for the best campaign so, in true Talavera style, we're going to give it our all!