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27th March 2019


As part of our spring clean year five pupils collected four full bags of rubbish from the school grounds and the surrounding area on Wednesday afternoon. The Eco schools had arranged for this first litter pick to happen as they were concerned about the about the amount of rubbish left around the school and that - not only does it look unsightly - but its negative effect on our local wildlife.  Different classes are going to continue to collect the rubbish in and around school every week until the end of the year.

Clean up


Before and after images.

Clean up 5Clean up 4Clean up 3Clean up 2


Well cleared team!


15th March 2019

Hello everyone! Do you remember about the Eco Brick? It's due in next Friday and we also have a big litter pick across the school. If you need any more leaflets, contact the school. 

Eco Blog Team

Hi Guys, Today we are talking about being Eco-Friendly. We were wondering if you were putting rubbish in the right bins and recycling enough? We are having 2 Eco Days about what nature gives to us and how we must treat it respectfully. You can make a change by picking up litter off the floor and putting them into the right bins . You can make the world Eco Friendly. If you have any suggestions please contact us.

Yours sincerely 


Our first Eco day has been a huge success. We learnt about biomimicry and how we can help the Earth by not making new things but re-using and re-purposing old things. We learnt that biomimicry is when humans take ideas from animals and use them to create great inventions: e.g. the idea of the Japanese bullet train came from a kingfisher. We have used so many skills to map ideas, plan how we could use nature to inspire us and also design a new item which reuses others. The best designs from each year group have been chosen to create with Mrs Litwin. We can't wait to find out who has won.