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BHF Skip

Sponsored Skipping - BHF - posted 14th Jun

This week at Talavera, we have been preparing ourselves for our charity skipping afternoon to support the British Heart Foundation. Each child had a sponsor form that they took home to gain sponsors for how many jumps they could do. Throughout the week, each class had a special PE lesson based on skipping: games, races, different ways to skip and to practice. Friday afternoon saw the rain hold off for all our classes to have a 15 minute session putting into practice the skipping techniques they had learnt. Each class took part in the sponsored skip counting, skip races against their peers and the big rope jump. Well done to all the students who took part and helped raise money for the British Heart Foundation from another fun and enjoyable sporting event at Talavera.

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Dad's Camp out event - posted 14th Jun

On Friday, we hosted our first ever Dads Camp Out event, where we welcomed fathers and male relatives onto site to spend the night camping with their children in order to celebrate Father's Day. 

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Chicks 2

The Talavera Chicks - posted 13th Jun

After their arrival on Monday, Indian Elephants eagerly watched the incubator, waiting patiently for the 7 eggs the school has received to hatch. 
On Wednesday, at 3:00 pm, much to the children's delight, 2 chicks hatch out of their eggs. Miss Cutforth popped them into their cage after their 6 hours drying time, when she discovered another had hatched. By the time the children arrived back into school on Thursday morning, they had 3 babies chirping away for them to look after. 
The children have been incredibly excited about their responsibilities and have loved watching the chicks stumble around. They have had the opportunity to hold them, clean out their living space and top up their food and water. 
A final chick was moved from the incubator on Thursday afternoon. 4 eggs hatched...3 to go. 
Chicks 1Chicks 4Chicks 3Chicks 2

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IMG 4067

Year 3 Wisley Trip - posted 3rd Jun

On Monday, 3rd June Year 3 enjoyed a fantastic day of learning at RHS Wisley Gardens.  The children participated in 2 workshops - one about seeds and seed dispersal and the other where they planted their own courgette seeds. 

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Nepali Club - posted 3rd Jun

Nepali club welcomes each and every one who is willing to learn and develop their knowledge in learning Nepali language and culture. This club is run by Mrs Ranapaili every Tuesday at lunch time in the purple room from 12.15 to 1.15 pm.

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Year 3 swimming

Year 3 Swimming - posted 24th May

Year 3 had a fantastic time learning how to swim with some team members from Edge. All the children improved on their abilities and skills in swimming, learning a new range of swimming techniques which helped increase their confidence in the water. They used a range of equipment such as noodles to support their swimming which were later removed as they became more confident swimmers. The children thoroughly enjoyed their experience especially practising holding their breath underwater and beating their old times!   

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Year 4 Survival Sleepover - posted 23rd May

Year 4 finished off the summer 1 term with a fantastic sleepover and survival day. The children had a brilliant evening experiencing a ‘boot camp’ style work out where they had to develop and use their team building skills, improve their coordination and show determination even when they were tired. They all managed to really impress their teachers with the effort they put in and how much energy they still had after it. They finished it off with some rolling down the banks of the field (they even managed to get some teachers involved) and a run around with their friends whilst they enjoyed a late snack and drink. We then settled down for the night and surprisingly the boys won the sleeping competition as their rooms fell asleep first! Well done boys and thank you!

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French Cafe

Talavera's French Cafe - posted 23rd May

Talavera was transformed for the day in order to allow the children to use their recently acquired french vocabulary! They had a great day with many different activities but the most popular was, as always, the food tasting. They had Baguette's, Brie and Camembert, Chocolate crepes, Croissants and french preserve. They tried some grape juice and apple juice.

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IMG 4040 1 WEB

House Spelling Bee Competition - posted 17th May

On Friday 17th May a spelling bee took place in our hall. This house competition was an all year group event but only two people from each house from every year group were the representatives. Everyone in our school were able to participate and gain extra points for their house teams. House captains also helped out when this special event occurred.

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