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Talaveras' Got Talent - posted 30th Nov

On Friday 30th November, Talavera witnessed a spectacle of a house event: Talavera’s Got Talent. All classes gathered in the hall to watch 8 incredible acts compete for their house. Hosted by our very own Declan Donnelley (Sayab- year 6) and Holly Willoughby (Numasa- Year 6), the show did not disappoint.

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play leader

Talavera Play leaders - posted 26th Nov

Last month, a whopping 30 of our year 5 students were chosen from a record amount of applicants to take on the role of lunchtime play leaders.  The role of these children is to take charge of games and create a fun and inclusive lunchtime for all who attend our school.

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More Able Science

Year 5 Science More Able Event - posted 23rd Nov

On Friday 23rd November four year 5 pupils from Talavera, St Michael`s and Wellington schools came together and took part in an astronaut selection process which was held by Miss Nash and Mrs Litwin. Stage one tested our memory and fitness and asked us to plot our results on a scatter graph. For the second stage, we had to demonstrate our science knowledge by sorting different space objects into a classification key. Finally the last test was an astronaut investigation where we explored whether the height that a meteor falls from affects the size of the crater. We came to many different conclusions and evaluated that we would have to undergo further tests before sending our results to Tim Peake. Overall, everybody had a fantastic time and felt proud to have made it through the process!

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Year 6 cinema web

Year 6 go to the Movies - posted 22nd Nov

Year 6 went to see Mary and the Witch's Flower at Aldershot Cineworld as part of the Into Film Festival, which encourages children to be excited about stories. The children loved this strange tale of a girl who thinks she is worse than ordinary - boring to the extreme. Little does she know that a trip into the foggy woods will change her life forever and lead her to discover magical powers that she never could have dreamed she would have. 
Liam said, "My faovurite bit was when she was flying the broomstick - and she didn't quite know what she was doing!" That definitely made us all laugh.
Cameron said, "I loved it when Mary saved Peter from-" We don't want to tell you anymore - no spoilers from year 6!
Elly added, "I loved the ending, when Mary and Peter were friends again."
Thank you, Into Film!

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healthy living

Healthy Living Week - posted 19th Nov

Our whole school has taken part in a Healthy Living as part of our continued efforts to understand the importance of being healthy in every aspect of our lives. Our children at Talavera already understand the theory of what being healthy is and so, this year, we decided to apply it to some healthy cooking. 
We started by tasting different seasonal ingredients and discussing why eating locally-sourced food can be more environmentally-sustainable. We thought about which flavours we liked and which we didn't and then used this to plan our own soup. 
The children then practiced the important skills of cleaning, chopping and peeling vegetables to prepare them for cooking. We cooked the vegetables with support from an adult before blending it all together. We then tasted our soups and were delighted to realise how easy and tasty this meal was!
Thank you, as always, for the support that you give us which allows us to offer experiences like this for the children.

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Year 4 cinema trip

Year 4 Trip to the Cinema! - posted 8th Nov

Year 4 had a fantastic morning today with a visit to Aldershot cinema as part of the Into film festival. The children giggled and cried their way through the film Ferdinand.
Once back at school the children shared what they enjoyed the most:
London said 'My favourite part was when the bull made a mess at the flower fair and got in trouble.'
Tallulah shared 'I loved the dance off between the horses and the bulls'.
Keavie added 'My favourite part was the ending when he got to go back home with his friends and the silly goat'.

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Gold Travel Award for Talavera! - posted 7th Nov

On Wednesday 7th November Talavera celebrated our achievement of a gold travel award. Councillor Choudhary presented the award.
The school has worked hard over the last three years to encourage all children to travel actively to school, even if it is by using the Park and Stride at the High Street Multi-storey car park. We have seen an overall reduction in car travel by eight percentage points and a corresponding increase in walking, cycling and scootering.
We have embedded active travel into the culture and ethos of the school with initiatives such as the Living Streets Walk Once A Week Scheme (WOW), the golden mile, and the Aldershot Active Award and have made it second nature and we have embraced using public transport for school trips by taking pupils on the train.

Junior Road Safety Officers monitored parking on Gun Hill, delivered initiatives in school and carried out a school route audit to the park and stride site. Head Teacher liaised with Graingers, the developers building new houses nearby, to install double yellow lines along Gun Hill, which is a private road in a military housing estate. Mrs Webb also liaised with the Infant School to ask them to adopt the park & stride arrangement. Miss Bending and Hampshire County Council Travel plan adviser liaised with Rushmoor Borough Council to gain permission to use the multi-storey car park as a park and stride site, using a windscreen sticker so that parents can park for free.

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Year 6 Mr Moss Poetry Event - posted 2nd Nov

On Friday 2nd November, Mr Moss (a grandparent of two of the pupils at Talavera Junior) visited our school to deliver a more able poetry workshop for year 6 pupils. We were all particularly inspired by Mr Moss’ interest in poetry and were keen to explore how he begins writing poems and works hard to get them published. After initial discussions, we then used one of the poems from his book as a stimulus for our own writing. The theme of the poem focuses on a time when the poet was initially scared but later overcame their fears. Using this same theme and structure, we then created our own intriguing poems, based upon a time where we were initially fearful of something but where our fear later subsided. We were all able to write a poem that we are proud of and will be publishing them in our own anthology for our book corners! Thank you Mr Moss for your time and for such a delightful afternoon- we hope that you will come back to Talavera again soon to share more of your wonderful collection.

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Yr 5 mile 1 web

Year 5 – Trip to Milestones - posted 2nd Nov

As part of out Victorian topic we visited Milestones Museum in Basingstoke.  The children completed two workshops: one on the industrial revolution and the other what it would be like to be a Victorian child.  There discovered children were to be seen but not heard and that the learnt the three R’s ( reading, writing and arithmetic). The children got to see first hand the types of vehicles that were around in the Victorian era. What the streets and buildings looked like and how they would have lived if they were poor or rich.  We had a great day and found out lots about Victorian Britain.

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