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Year 4 Greek Day - posted 13th Feb

Today, we took part in a variety of activities that showed us how Ancient Greece life would have been. We began our morning by learning the Greek alphabet, cracking a Greek codebreaker and making memories on our own Greek pottery. The rest of the morning saw us take part in cooking traditional Greek foods and studying about the mighty Gods of Mount Olympus. Once our heads had been crammed with information, we all took part in our very own Olympics which was followed by our feast for champions. Judging by how little was left over, many children could survive the Ancient Greek era. What a successful but tiring day! 

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Eco School Assembly - posted 6th Feb

On Wednesday the Eco Warriors presented an assembly on the new school project - Eco Schools. With the support of Mrs Litwin they introduced and informed the children of what they had done so far and their future plans to help make us an Eco school.  They introduced three new projects: A school clean up with litter picks to be completed every two weeks as well as being part of the great school clean up sponsored by keep Britain tidy; The new recycle bins located in the office for crisp packets, pringle tubes, biscuit wrappers and used stationary and a plan to help keep the canal clean by helping to keep rubbish down around the water way.  The children did a great job and talked clearly throughout even taking questions at the end.

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RNLI Assembly - posted 28th Jan

On Monday we welcomed two visitors from the RNLI. They led an assembly on the important job that the RNLI do and advised the children on helpful hints and tips for keeping safe (not just on beaches but rivers and canals too).
The children saw pictures of the station on Hayling Island and gained an understanding of how quickly their volunteers must be ready to move at short notice. Our parent (Mr McIntyre - himself a volunteer) took us through all the vital equipment that they need to complete their job effectively.
Linda taught the children that should they be unfortunate enough to fall into water they shouldn't panic and make sure that they float - this could save their life.
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Year 5 went to Marwell - posted 22nd Jan

When Talavera Year 5 went to Marwell Zoo it was very exciting. We saw a massive variety of rainforest creatures such as tigers, jaguars, lemmas, sloths, snakes and many more. We had even found out there were cockroaches in the rainforest! All of us saw animal skins and learnt that the rainforest has to be damp and hot for animals to be in a good condition. We learnt about the different layers of the rainforest and which animals could be found there as well as how important it is that we look after the rainforest.

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German Club - posted 21st Jan

Before Christmas, a group of year 3 and 4 children enjoyed learning about different German Christmas traditions with Mrs Beauchamp and Mrs Mitchell (a German parent who is kindly volunteering her time and skills).  After hearing a traditional German tale about the first tinsel on Christmas trees, the children enjoyed decorating home-made biscuits and writing their own Christmas card in German.  
This term, we have been learning simple German songs, how to greet each other and to count to ten.  The children enjoyed hearing the story of the Hungry Caterpillar in German, so we decided to make some new pages for the book using lots of German vocabulary (days of the week, numbers and foods).

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Nepali Day - posted 18th Jan

On Friday 18th January, our children were lucky enough to take part in our annual celebration of Nepali culture. The day was kicked off with the Nepali national anthem which the children sang beautifully. We then learned some facts about Nepal, including the fact that it is an incredibly welcoming place where all ethnicities and religions are welcomed. We then got to watch three different dances which showed us lots of types of traditional movement. It was very exciting to learn that both Mrs Harman-Box and Miss Partington will be travelling to Nepal this summer!
Once we had enjoyed our assembly, we got to go and try some delicious home-cooked food which was prepared by our ever-supportive parents. The food this year was cooked to represent a daily meal for Nepali people, rather than celebration food. It was delicious! So many children have asked if we can add some of the food to our school lunches. 
We need to say a huge thank you to Mrs Ranapauli who worked so hard to get all of this ready for us! Thank you to everyone who continues to support our work as a school. We all look forward to next year!
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Times tables

Year 5 and 6 Times tables workshop 17th January - posted 17th Jan

Last week, we had a fantastic number of parents and children attending our times tables workshop. Mrs Webb and Mr Hutson showed parents the strategies we use in school to help our children become fluent in their times tables. This is a fundamental skill for all and vital for children to be successful in mathematics. In a recent study 6 x 8 and 11 x 12 were shown to be the facts that children found the hardest!

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Year 6 WW2 Workshop - posted 11th Jan

On Friday 11th January, year 6 participated in a Bigfoot Arts Education drama workshop all about their new topic, World War 2. Using exciting and engaging activities, the children learnt all about what life was like in Britain for children during the war. 

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