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Year 6 Grammar

Year 6 Grammar - posted 12th Mar

It was a strange grammar lesson for Snow Leopards today... Mrs Harman-Box put on some rock music and tried as hard as she could to distract us from our learning. Luckily, this was not just because she fancied a little sing-song. It was to show us that, if we can concentrate through that, we must really understand! As soon as we finished our learning and had got all our questions right, we joined in the rocking!

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Bill and Ben go to the vets - posted 2nd Mar

Bill and Ben recently went to the Vets with Mrs Read and two of our Guinea Pig Monitors.  They had a routine check-up and their nails trimmed.  The nurse commented on how lovely our pupils were and that Bill and Ben were lucky to be so well looked after.  Another great example of how wonderful and caring our pupils are.

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Fishbourne 1

Year 4 trip to Fishbourne - posted 27th Feb

On Thursday 27th February, Year 4 had a fantastic day exploring Fishbourne Roman Palace. During the day children were able to explore the mosaics built by the Romans, walk around the gardens and watch a short film about what life was like their during the Roman period. In addition to this, the children took part in a workshop where they learnt many facts about life in the Roman times and also became experimental archeologists and used a range of artefacts to help them draw their own conclusions about how they used to live, The children had a great day and their behaviour and attitude was exemplary.

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nepali flag

Nepali Day - posted 14th Feb

Today, for the first time, we held our annual Nepali Day as a fundraiser. As you may remember, Mrs Harman-Box and Miss Partington visited Nepal in the summer. Mrs Harman-Box was leading a group of teachers, including Miss Partington, in how to train other teachers to ensure that every child in the world has fair access to an excellent education. They are struck by how lucky we are, even when we find things a bit harder, and wanted to give something back. 

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Greek Day 2

Year 4 Greek Day - posted 6th Feb

Today year 4 had a fantastic day learning about and living the lives of Ancient Greeks. Throughout the morning they completed a range of activities including researching Greece using atlases, cooking and writing using the Greek alphabet. In the afternoon the children took part in a mini Olympic games followed by a victory feast where the winning House captains were crowned. The Year 4 team would like to say thank you to all those parents who helped make this day a success by contributing towards our feast or sending their children into school looking amazing. 

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Science 1

Year 5 Science More Able Event - posted 31st Jan

On Friday 31st January 2020,  year 5 pupils from Talavera Juniors, St Michael`s, Wellington and Alderwood schools came together and took part in an astronaut selection process which was held by Miss Coombs and Miss Nash. Stage one tested our memory and fitness and asked us to plot our results on a scatter graph. For the second stage, we had to demonstrate our science knowledge by sorting different space objects into a classification key. Finally the last test was an astronaut investigation where we explored whether the height that a meteor falls from affects the size of the crater. We came to many different conclusions and evaluated that we would have to undergo further tests before sending our results to Tim Peake. Overall, everybody had a fantastic time and felt proud to have made it through the process! All of the adults were incredibly impressed by how well the children worked together and by the scientific thinking that was expressed! Congratulations to all pupils! 

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Donutting 2

Green & Eco team go donutting! - posted 29th Jan

On Wednesday 29th January the Green and Eco Teams had the privilege of going for a fun filled afternoon of Donutting at the Alpine Ski Centre.  We were lucky enough to have this opportunity due to the clean air campaign we are running across the school being awarded a prize by the county council.  The trip was wonderful and it was great fun sliding down the slope and getting spun by the staff.  We got to connect with friends in our teams and meet people from different year groups.  We are very grateful for being given this fantastic experience.

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Year 3 Library Visit - posted 22nd Jan

On Wednesday, Year 3 were invited to visit Aldershot Library. We were met by a lovely librarian called Kate, who had some library cards prepared for those of us who had applied for one. Kate talked us through how to use the library efficiently, including looking for fiction books arranged by the authors surname and using dewy numbers to locate non-fiction books. We discovered that joining the library is free and that we can borrow books for four weeks, which really excited us because there were so many amazing books that we wanted to look at! After this, Kate read us a story that linked to our Egyptian topic and then gave us some time to look around and choose a book if we had brought our own library cards. The most important thing that we learnt from our visit to the library was that they do so much more than just lend books. There are learning courses here, movie afternoons, craft days and even a Harry Potter evening coming up soon. The library is such a great place, we can't wait to go back! 

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Footie 1

Talavera go to the Footie! - posted 18th Jan

Aldershot town v chorley

We were given complimentary tickets to attend Saturdays game at the EBB stadium.   A group of year 6 children along with Mrs Geere and Mrs McHale went along to support The Shots.  It was an exciting game with goals on both sides , red cards and a penalty. With 5 minutes added time the game ended in a 3-3 draw. The children certainly found their voices and cheered on players and celebrated all 3 Aldershot goals. This was a great opportunity for our children, some of whom had never been to a game before.  A very enjoyable ,chilly afternoon.  Lets hope we can do thus again.  Thank you ATFC !!!!

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