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Fijian Day 2018 - posted 10th Oct

On Wednesday, we celebrated the wonderful richness of our school's varied cultures through a Fijian celebration day, the first of many cultural events to be happening this year. 
We started the day with an assembly during which Mrs Webb re-told the legend of The Octopus and the Shark, an exciting story which involved mythical creatures, an underwater wrestling match and a moral of humility. Three students helped her in this re-telling, pretending to be the shark, the octopus... and the rock!
We then watched Laisa as she demonstrated a traditional dance, which she was brave enough to perform solo. All of our students were so proud of her. She was followed by a group of our Fijian mothers, who sang two beautiful songs to us acapella. Everyone was wowed by their lovely voices and they were joined for the national anthem by a number of our Fijian students. 
Luckily for all of our pupils, they were then treated to a tasting session in which they got to try all new kinds of foods. Our pupils were very brave and tried things even if they weren't sure if they'd like them. 
We cannot thank the Fijian community enough for the huge help that they gave us with this event. Our ability to run days like this rely heavily on the your good-hearted support, which we appreciate very much! 
We are looking forward to our next event now - our tag rugby tournament on Friday 19th October.
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Travel Award

School Travel Plan - Gold Award! - posted 5th Oct

Talavera Junior School is proud to announce that we are being awarded a Gold Award for our school travel plan.  We are the first school in Rushmoor to achieve this! Our children have worked so hard to come to school in an environmentally friendly way. We have taken part in many competitions and incentives including Bikeability, scoot to school, and this month is Walktober. 

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New Arrival Ambassador - posted 3rd Oct

Today we learnt about becoming a New Arrival Ambassador and how we can help new arrivals with settling in their new class without making them panic. We learnt today that new arrivals can choose who they want to be friends with, which surprised some of us. We thought it would be our job to be their friend but our trainer, Claire, helped us to understand that everyone should choose their own friends. We were taught that if a new arrival tells us something and it is serious, we must tell the teacher immediately due to the fact that we can't always help them. We've learnt that a New Arrival Ambassador is a very important job and we must work hard to continue to represent our school and make every new pupils feel comfortable and safe here. We look forward to being New Arrival Ambassadors!  

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Bug hunt - posted 3rd Oct

Last Wednesday we had a wonderful Butterfly Hunt. It was such a success. The weather was beautiful and approximately 120 children attended the event. The trail meandered through the woods where children located different bugs, animal homes and natural items. It was lovely to see all the families from both the Infants and the Juniors enjoy the local environment. Remember to collect your AAA award footsteps from reception.

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Dragon Year 3

Year 3 Dragon Quest - posted 1st Oct

Year 3 have launched headlong into their exciting topic – Dragon Quest. First we learnt how to be Wild Things, before making Viking Dragon Boats and finding out how the Vikings used their excellent nautical skills to invade and settle in new lands. We have been laughing along to our class reader and the adventures of its unconventional character - Thorfinn the Nicest Viking – who even makes cups of tea for his Mum and does the washing up!

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MacMillan cake sale

MacMillan Cake Sale Success!!! - posted 28th Sep

Talavera Junior School had a fabulous bake off on Friday 28th with a cake sale in aid of Macmillan Cancer Support. Children were able to dress in Mufti Clothing and donated cakes to sell and £1 coins. We had cakes of all shapes and sizes but they had one thing in common...... they were delicious! 

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Tug of War - posted 24th Sep

Tug of War today was a huge success. Each year group competed in their house teams whilst being cheered on their fellow house members. The house captains did a fabulous job helping to run the event and the children were buzzing as they went back to their classes. Each team worked tirelessly in their competitions, leaving with weak arms and sore hands but a huge smile on their faces as they had enjoyed the afternoon immensely. It was extremely tight between Agincourt and Salamanca, but Salamanca were the overall champions. All the teachers commented on how incredible it was to see such team spirit so early in the year! Well done Talavera!

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