Parenting Top Tips

We here at Talavera Junior School know that being a parent is one of the trickiest jobs around, and we recognise that there is no magic formula for stress-free parenting (many of us have searched long and hard for many years for one!).

Thankfully though, there are some strategies that can actually help to make parenting that little bit easier, for both parent and child.

With this in mind - Just after school at 3.30pm eleven parents (many of them dad's) attended a short taster session entitled "Ten Top Tips for Parenting" led by Lynda Parry (Parent Support Adviser for the Wavell Schools Cluster - which Talavera Junior School is proud to be part of.) In a vastly informative and enjoyable relaxed 40 minute session, Lynda shared many recognisable examples of typical everyday parenting problems, offering easy to use and effective tips for dealing with and avoiding these altogether!  This immensely helpful short presentation was just a tiny part of a more intensive parenting course led by Lynda over a course of weekly sessions, which is open to all, although booking through Lynda is required. 

Any parent or family that would like Lynda's help or advice with any aspect of parenting or family life can contact Lynda herself via the Wavell School.Or through Mrs Webb ( Our Headteacher). Courses are free of Charge.

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