School Travel Plan

 Talavera Junior School Travel Plan

The purpose of the survey is to gain our parents views on how they travel to school, so that we may be able to use these:

1. To increase the number of children living within 2 kilometres of the school who walk, scoot or cycle to school whenever possible.

2. To reduce traffic in Gun Hill by asking parents who drive to Middle Hill car park at the rear of the school instead or offering other possibilities.

3. To make the school run pleasant and safe for all.

Our full travel plan can be seen on the PDF link  School-travel-plan-2017


Amanda Danielle recieving award


If you need help with planning your route to school whether your journey is local or from afar, then these links may be helpful.

 Train  -



 Coach  -


 Local Bus  -

 Local bus timetable  - 


AA Route Planner -