Performance Results

We are proud of our results, showing as they do that our pupils achieve highly despite a turbulent population. Our staff's dedication to ensuring that the curriculum is exciting, engaging and challenge (combined with your child's resilience to learning and motivation to succeed) ensures that every child makes exceptional progress - no matter their starting place. 

If you would like to talk to us more about our curriculum and how we support your child, please contact us. 

Year 6 Attainment–  SATS 2022-23

% of Talavera Junior Year 6 children meeting the expected standard in the 2022-23 tests  



Service Premium

Reading: Expected+: 67%

Reading: GDS: 15%

Writing: Expected+: 94% 

Writing: GDS: 23%

Maths: Expected+: 79%

Maths: GDS: 17%

RWM: Expected+: 56%

RWM: GDS: 10%

Disadvantaged pupils

Progress Points




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If you would like your child to try some practice SATs papers, please follow the link below.