Green Team

At Talavera Junior, looking after the environment is an important role. Throughout our curriculum, when discussing important topics, our children always refer to the responsibility that we all have to protect our planet. For this reason, being part of the Green Team is a highly sought-after role. 

The team begin the year by introducing themselves at an assembly, explaining their role. They discuss the importance of looking after our own community, as well as our responsibility to our wider spaces. Often, you can find Green Team litter picking. This may be on the school grounds; when this is the case, the team feedback to the school about areas which need more care and ensure our whole school community is working together. They also may litter pick in the surrounding area. 

Green Team also considers the issue of sustainability and recycling more widely. In the past, they have ordered more bins after correctly identifying this was a need in the playground. They have also run awareness campaigns about which items can be recycled. We achieved Eco School Status in 2022.




"It's been a pleasure having my daughter at the school. She came a long way and thanks to the teachers who have made it really nice and easy"