At Talavera Junior School we understand the importance of every child being a writer and therefore strive to develop the passion around writing within Literacy and Topic lessons. With a wide range of key texts, we endeavour to create a range of quality writing experiences, incorporating drama, talk for writing and a variety of writing styles to engage all children. Giving children the time to become inspired, develop their ideas and write at length, we feel children gain a sense of pride when completing a piece of writing to the best of their ability.

Using a range of styles, children are active within their learning and write for a clear audience and purpose. They take responsibility for their own targets and achievements, developing independence and taking ownership of their writing.

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Developing children who read for pleasure is a huge goal for the staff at Talavera Junior School. We believe children can delve into new worlds and have a vast amount of new experiences just from a book. We are dedicated to giving children a rich knowledge of books in all styles, from picture books to detailed narratives and newspapers to graphic novels and aim to engage and stimulate the child’s imagination to help them to become confident readers and imaginative writers.

With regular reading in school and support from home children develop the skills to decode words clearly and fluently, understand what they have read and respond to their text in a variety of ways. We try to expose children to all texts within our library, class reading corners, year group novels and daily guided reading sessions.

We would love any parent to join us in school to read with children and we hold regular library open mornings for you to come and choose a text from our library with your child. 

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