House Teams

Four house teams are represented in our school: these are Waterloo (Blue), Trafalgar (Red), Salamanca (Yellow) and Agincourt (Green). These names were selected based on the school's military links and are in fact famous battles. Many of the local roads and housing estates around Talavera are named similarly.

House events occur termly and these offer opportunities for children to show their talents in a variety of different areas. From cricket competitions, orienteering, spelling bees to talent shows: we have experienced it all! Children represent their house by working together to win for the glory of the team. The house events culminate in our annual sports day where teams vie to be the overall winners. 

Importantly, teams are also awarded points during these events for the attributes that adults see on display, such as sportsmanship, a positive attitude, graciousness in defeat and many more. 

House teams meet together to discuss tactics and planning before an event. House leaders (our members of staff) have also been known to be very competitive in achieving the best results for their team... Each house team is led by a senior leader, alongside a Year 6 House Captain and Vice Captain.

Our House Captains lead their teams to victory!


"The school has excellent teaching qualities, communication skills and interpersonal relationships between the teachers and pupils are phenomenal"