Statement of Values and Ethos

At Talavera Junior School, our culture is embedded through our core values of Aspiration, Integrity and Resilience.

We teach these through everything that we do: our well-developed, unique PSHE curriculum; our assemblies; our exciting core value weeks; and through our day-to-day celebration of the steps every child is making towards improvement. 

Visitors to our school often remark on our children's fantastic attitudes towards their peers, staff and the community. They have a shared sense of pride in being a Talavera child - and want to celebrate the successes they experience as well those they see in others around them.

Our pupils have a strong sense of their roles, knowing that they have responsibilities to themselves, to those in their class, their year group, their school - and to the world around them. They have high aspirations for their futures; they see learning as progress and want to achieve. 

Throughout the year, children are taught about our three school values through a high-quality text and through our PSHE curriculum. Our core values are embedded through assemblies and these are celebrated in our day to day learning. Here is an example of some of the texts that we use to teach our children about our core values and some of the examples of the work they complete. 


Example of Aspiration week learning- whole school

Example of Integrity week learning- whole school

Example of Resilience week learning- whole school

New children settle extremely well into our school and make progress quickly. One thing that makes our school so special is the diverse community that we serve with a range of cultural backgrounds and military roots. Our children celebrate these differences, seeking to know more. 

Together with parents, governors and friends of the school, we celebrate the children’s successes and ensure they leave school with a thirst for learning coupled with a moral compass and confidence.


"Professional and caring teachers. The school is so enthusiastic towards the diverse and multicultural students. Very approachable teachers"