Healthy Relationships Week

At Talavera Junior, we are dedicated to keeping your child safe. This extends beyond the classroom and beyond their time with us. To this end, we are always looking for ways to improve and update our curriculum to ensure that it reflects the needs of our community. 

Our Healthy Relationships Week this year will run from Monday 20th June for the whole school. Lessons will be taught by class teachers, alongside the class LSA. 1:1 adult support will also be maintained if your child receives this. 

Our curriculum is developed by our Deputy Head/ PSHE Lead, using images from the Christopher Winter Project to ensure that they are sensitive, culturally-reflective and developmentally-appropriate. 

The week focuses on how children can have safe and healthy relationships, how they can keep themselves safe online as well as in person, what happens during puberty, the biological differences between males and females and, in year 6 only, the scientific facts of conception. This is part of our PSHE curriculum which supports our child's holistic health: their social, emotional, physical, mental and personal health. 

Parents and carers have the opportunity to view and respond to the curriculum content in two ways. We hold a consultation before teachers are trained in the curriculum. This allows us to take into account your opinion on the learning and make any adaptations that we deem necessary. In addition, we make the planning available on this page and alert parents/ carers to our online survey. 

After the sessions are held, we also hold a child survey at school as this allows us to make adaptations to our curriculum ready for the following year.

All children take part in the sessions as these are statutory. Please see our Healthy Relationships policy for more information on the right to remove from the Sex Education lesson.  

Please see the most recent content in the curriculum maps below for each year group, along with the medium-term plan. 

Please be aware that these files will look slightly different to the ones your child sees because they have been compressed. However, no images have been changed. 

The green boxes on each page signify the support for pupils with SEND. 

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