Young Carers

Talavera Young Carers was set up to provide support for those pupils who have a family member with additional needs. The group meets every Friday lunchtime with a teaching assistant who has experience in this area.

Whilst eating lunch together, the children have time to chat about their caring duties, their week at school and their plans for the weekend. An activity chosen by the group always ends the session.

It allows the the young carers to have a fun but relaxing experience in a safe and caring environment. The children have enjoyed art and craft, board games, cooking and even a couple of exciting trips out.

We know that this respite is important for all of our pupils; if you believe that your child has caring responsibilities and we are not aware, please contact the school so that we can give them support that will benefit your whole family. 

"Professional and caring teachers. The school is so enthusiastic towards the diverse and multicultural students. Very approachable teachers"