Our Senior Librarians go through a rigorous process in order to identify if they are the best person for their important job role, including completing an application form and attending an interview with our staff librarian. 

Our librarians have an active and varied role, including:

  • Helping to support children to locate non-fiction books.
  • Making sure the computer is on and ready for children to scan in and out their reading books at the beginning of the day.
  • Ensuring the computer is switched off at the end of the day - we do like to save energy at our school
  • Giving fun ideas for the library e.g. displays, book suggestions and topic areas
  • Tidying the books and making the library an inviting area to be in
  • Creating inventive and interactive displays for our school community to enjoy
  • Helping teachers find books for new topic areas to use within the classroom
  • Supporting other children in selecting books and scanning them out

 If you come and visit the library, our Senior Librarians will be excited to help you with anything. 

"I couldn't thank you enough for helping me with my son. It was hard but you were there every step of the way. Mrs Webb is a wonderful Head teacher with good parent partnership"