Our Governors

Robyn Jarrett

I’m an experienced communications specialist with strong commercial awareness and an understanding of communication in diverse cultures working as an assistant director of engagement within the NHS. I enjoy working as part of a team, while also being a strong team leader who produces results under pressure. I have excellent written and verbal communications skills across multiple media, and a proven record of influencing and innovative thinking. I’m a self-motivated, driven individual with the ability to form and maintain strong cross-functional partnerships and deal discreetly and effectively with sensitive issues. 

I joined the Talavera Junior School Governing Body as I wanted to give back for the exceptional learning they were giving my daughter. I absolutely love my school days – seeing the learning in action and the passion that the whole staff group has to making every learning minute count for pupils is inspiring. This school has an exceptional leadership team, dedicated staff and simply wonderful pupils and I am proud to be part of its governing body.

Maria McClure

My name is Maria McClure and I am a former teacher and educational manager with a clear knowledge of the requirements necessary to run a successful school particularly related to teaching, learning and safeguarding. I have been a governor at Talavera for 8 years and I am particularly involved in the Special Educational Needs provided by the School.

In addition, I am Vice Chair of the Board of Governors and Chair of the Curriculum Committee. I visit the classes regularly to observe the children at work and I am always impressed with the commitment of the teachers, the Learning Support Assistants and the pupils themselves. I totally agree with Talavera’s motto that “every learning minute counts” as it instils into the children the importance of focus and commitment which is something that will stand them in good stead for the rest of their lives.

It is clear that the children believe this and they are always proud to evidence it when the governors visit. It is a privilege to be a member of the Board of Governors at Talavera and I wish them well in their efforts to maintain excellence.

Martin Horner

Martin Horner is a School Governor and the Chair of the Resources Committee. A serving member of the Army he initially joined the Royal Signals as a soldier before transferring to the Royal Army Physical Training Corps and later commissioning as an officer. With previous experience leading on physical training, course design, research, governance and assurance, as well undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in psychology he brings a wealth of knowledge to the committee.

Martin is married to Dawn and they have two grown-up children that have each been through the education system from infants through to university. As a forces family they have experienced first-hand the challenges and constant adjustment of having to move frequently. They have lived within the Aldershot area on and off for 12 years, and both children attended local junior schools. With a lived experience of the local area and children having gone through the education system, he is keen to ensure the school continues to provide high standards of education and the wellness and support to achieve success for all pupils and staff.

Martin’s hobbies include swimming, water polo, kayaking and hillwalking and they have two dogs and a tortoise named Basil.

Jon Farish

My name is Jon Farish and I have the pleasure of being appointed as a Local Authority Governor with Talavera Juniors. A soldier with two decades of experience, I have been serving in the Aldershot area for the last five year; all three of my children have attended Talavera Juniors - so I am very aware of the value of the co-curricular and pastoral components that the school offer. A qualified engineer, having attended Greenwich University, I am a huge advocate of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics within the curriculum, and believe in their value in enhancing life skills.

I have previous experience as a parent governor and on the board of a school trust, which has allowed me to experience numerous school strategies - particularly with special educational needs and dealing with ever increasing pupil numbers. I hope my experience will be useful to the school and I look forward to helping wherever I can.


Fatima Catarro

Born in East Timor with a multicultural background of Portuguese and Chinese, Fatima grew up in Perth, Western Australia. She attended Iona Ladies Presentation College where she honed her love of hockey and languages before pursuing a degree in Occupational Therapy (OT) at Curtin University of Technology. As a newly qualified therapist, Fatima worked as a Rural Paediatric OT working within the community and alongside pre-primary schoolteachers. This early role established a firm belief that good health was more than good healthcare. Many social determinants of health (and wellbeing) fall within the wider community and outside a standard health care setting.

Education can play an important role in influencing the overall health of our pupils. Being a School Governor provides an opportunity by which Fatima can lend her knowledge in helping to support the teachers and students at Talavera Junior School.


Pranay Newar

I have 16 yrs of experience in the British Army and currently serving within Aldershot Garrison for the last six years. My daughter attends Talavera Junior and enjoys going to school. As a serving parent, I understand the nuanced issues a military community often face.

I have been a Parent Governor at Talavera Juniors for over a year. I was sceptical at first when I applied for the role not knowing what it entailed, but now I thoroughly enjoy the responsibility and the amount of knowledge I have gained is immense. Contributing to strategic discussions which determine a wide range of topics such as school priorities and targets, special educational needs, curriculum, budget and staffing structure. As a parent governor, I have grown a passion for education and a commitment to furthering the life chances of all the children.

As a member of the community and a parent, I hope my experience will benefit the school and I will continue to contribute to the work of the governing board in ensuring high standards of achievement for all children in the school.


Amanda Webb

I first started teaching in 2003 in south London where I gained a strong understanding of teaching and learning as an Advanced Skills Teacher alongside completing a Masters in teaching. These experiences and skills created a platform for leadership, where I have shaped curriculum, cultures and schools.  I have further completed an NPQHE which has supported the growth of our collaboration.I am passionate about our children in Aldershot and ensuring that we proved the best opportunities possible;thus ensuring we improve life chances of our children. 
It is a privilege to be a headteacher; a headteacher of such a wonderful school- Talavera Junior. 


Lucy Coombs (Staff Governor)

I have been a teacher at Talavera for 9 years. Alongside being head of Year 4, I am also the Science and Computing lead at the school. It is a great joy to work at Talavera and to be emersed in the different cultures and experiences of our children. Becoming a staff governor for me is about being able to provide a stronger link between the school and governors so they can fully understand and celebrate its achievements. It has been a privilege to be a voice for the school and use my years of teaching experiences to help shape the future of our school.  

Alexis Pinto (Associate member)

I have been an associate member of our governing body for three years now and as a staff member too, I have a particular interest in our school curriculum. I lead English at Talavera and am particularly dedicated to ensuring all students in our care leave with the ability to engage in reading books for pleasure and have the confidence to write creatively.  In my role as Assistant Headteacher, I work across the collaboration to support the delivery of the curriculum and ensure best practice is shared amongst our whole team.  As well as a passion for English as a subject, I am invested in our pupil’s attainment, progress and wellbeing in all subjects and therefore strive to ensure our entire curriculum and its delivery is the best it can be.

Our Chair of governors is Mrs robyn Jarrett.

Mission Statement

Our goal is to work in partnership with pupils, parents and staff to encourage all children to achieve their full potential by developing a thirst for learning and providing the highest level of education in a nurturing environment.


Governors have considerable responsibilities; we don’t exercise them as individuals but work as part of a governing body – a corporate team.  We do not manage schools (this is the role of the Head Teacher and Senior Leadership Team) but we do oversee the development of the school. The main aim of this is always to provide a high standard of education for all pupils of all abilities.

The governing body has three main roles:

STRATEGIC - This sets the general direction of the school, looking at how it should best develop.  This is done by reviewing and agreeing policies, targets and priorities and monitoring and reviewing aims and objectives.

CRITICAL FRIEND - The governing body works with the Head Teacher to create a clear understanding of the challenges faced in managing the school. The governing body should feel able to question and challenge and this is achieved through trust and mutual respect.

ACCOUNTABILITY - A school is a business and its stakeholders are the pupils.   The governing body has a professional attitude and uses its collective skills to benefit the pupils.  It gathers views and asks questions to determine what is best for the school. The governing body is answerable to parents and wider community.



The governing body for Talavera Junior School comprises of co-opted Governors including representatives from the local community, staff and parents.

The governing body is actively seeking full representation from all stakeholder groups, and welcomes interest from anyone wishing to make a contribution to governance at Talavera. New governors are offered training and mentoring through a comprehensive induction program, so there is no need to have had any previous governor experience. If you have the passion and enthusiasm to make a difference at Talavera, please register your interest with the school office who will be pleased to arrange an introductory conversation with one of the governors.


Our full governing body meets once every half-term on a Tuesday evening, starting at 6.30pm. Meetings last no longer than two hours. We have also established both a Curriculum/Standards Committee and a Resources Committee. These committees focus on key operations of the school which allows the full governing body to take a more strategic overview of school improvement to help support its growth and development. The Resources Committee has delegated responsibility for both financial and human resources issues as these aspects of the role of the governing body are closely linked together. Similarly, the Curriculum and Standards are linked together so that a dedicated committee of governors can focus on the issues that enable the school to implement its strategy.

Registers of interest

TJS Governors Attendance 22-23

Our governors each take responsibility for a core area of the School Improvement Plan (SIP). In their role as a governor, they challenge and support the development of the particular strand. This involves visiting the school, seeing the strand in action, analysis of data and looking at the impact within the area.


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